December 14th – That’s A Lot Of Frozen Food

By: JosiahE

Dec 20 2010

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Category: Photo A Day

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:15 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Good Afternoon,

Here is a shot that I took of one of the freezer aisles in the warehouse where my company stores our food. This was an interesting shot to capture as I didn’t want the warehouse, which is not particularly well lit, to look dark and foreboding while, at the same time, maintaining the warehouse feel. I used a remote flash that I carried around and fired at different parts of the aisle to help lighten the shadows but I didn’t really have the time to properly experiment with this technique. Not to sound like a wimp, but working in -10 degree environment with insufficient cold gear is not exactly the type of thing I like to draw out. There is just something about manipulating a camera with fingers that no longer have any feeling… 🙂


P.S. This is 15 second exposure not 1 like it says in the side bar.


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