October 29th – Day Two of The SAICFF

By: JosiahE

Nov 12 2010

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Focal Length:57mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Good Afternoon,

Day two of the SAICFF was filled with watching movies, spending time building friendships, networking with potential business contacts, and for the grande finale, the premiere of Ace Wonder! The premiere was really a treat for me as I had worked on a small portion of the film and read the script but to finally see my work in context with the color grade and music was really pretty amazing. The film was, however, a very rough cut so I look forward to seeing the final polished version with the rest of the VFX in place and the other half of the music completed. The premiere was such a picture of the entire project as the later portions of the film were literally being rendered while the first part was playing!

This is a shot of the group I was with most of the day, my siblings, Karen, Isaac, & Abigail, and our friend and traveling companion, Chelsea. During the day at the SAICFF there were always four films playing so the tendency was for our group to split up pretty quickly, particularly as the event was held in two locations about a 15 minute walk apart. In this case, the five of us went to the first film together and then realized we were all planning on going to see the same films. For myself, throughout almost the entire festival I would join a small group which would merge into a bigger group to walk to another location and then that group would fragment again in a ceaseless shuffling of who I was with, rather enjoyable really. 🙂



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