October 23rd – Caravaning To TX, Cracker Barrel, & Storm Clouds

By: JosiahE

Nov 10 2010

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Full Size Collage

Good Afternoon,

The saga continues! On Saturday we made pretty good time overall without any serious delays or mishaps all though we did travel through a torrential downpour for quite some time. We left Little Rock in the morning and by nightfall were near Austin where we parted ways after a final supper and peg game tournament at Cracker Barrel, not everyone in the four families present played, in case you were wondering . All in all I am very happy we chose to caravan with our friends as it made for a truly memorable traveling experience, one that I am not likely to soon forget. 🙂

The stats on our caravan were as follows:
6 families , including our group from PA which was composed of representatives from 3 different families
2 cars, 2 vans, and one crew cab pick-up
1 small trailer, 1 large trailer, and one race car trailer
27 souls


P.S. Be sure to click on the Full Size Collage link at the top of this post.


One comment on “October 23rd – Caravaning To TX, Cracker Barrel, & Storm Clouds”

  1. You’re right, it was a very memorable trip! Fun and interesting. 🙂 I really like the collages you’ve been doing of late. They give a more rounded view of the day than a single photo could and are really neat. 🙂

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