August 25th – More Abandoned Building Art

By: JosiahE

Aug 26 2010


Category: Photo A Day


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Good Morning,

Here is another shot from the awesome abandoned building that I got to shoot some in yesterday. It really was a pretty neat place, though, you did have to watch where you stepped as I would hate to end my TN adventure by falling through a second story floor. šŸ™‚



3 comments on “August 25th – More Abandoned Building Art”

  1. Yeah, that would kind of ruin it for you!

  2. Nice photo. Wow, you take all these with my kit lens?! (I’ve got a Canon Rebel XS)

  3. Thank you Maximillian, if you have the 18-55mm II then the answer is yes. Believe it or not, I actually really like that lens, particularly as it has IS which helps with the type of video work I was doing that day. Never forget that you can get amazing results with almost any camera and lens.

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