May 26th – The Golden Hour

By: JosiahE

May 26 2010

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Category: Photo A Day


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

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Good Evening,

I realize that I have been posting quite a few snapshots of late so this evening I decided to turn that around by going out to shoot this evening as the sun was setting. After shooting this image I decided to turn around and take some panning shots of the cars as they went past on the road. Now something like that seems as harmless as can be, I mean really who would care if they saw someone along the road taking pictures? Little did I know, but apparently not everyone likes to have their picture taken as they go hurtling down back country roads. Anyways, I was shooting for a while when I noticed a car that had gone past before, a rather ugly, white sedan, driving back up the road and slowing down for a stop near where I was. Thinking this a little strange, and readying my Tang Soo Do skills just in case, I walked up to the car to ask what was up. Turns out, it was a police officer in an unmarked car who was responding to a call about me. He proceeded conduct a short interrogation which I responded to as respectful of a manner as I could, though, what do you say when someone asks you why you are taking pictures of cars? I mean, they look cool, but I am not sure he was overly impressed. All in all a very interesting experience to be sure! Of course I wasn’t about to talk back, but, at the same time, I am fully aware that no one, except for the owner of the field, had any legal recourse against me. In case you were not aware, in the US, all photographers have the right to take a picture of anyone, anywhere, for any reason, so long as they are not trespassing and the location is not one of a small number of Federal buildings.

Moral of the story? Not really sure, maybe leave the telephoto behind when taking pictures along the road? 🙂



3 comments on “May 26th – The Golden Hour”

  1. They probably saw the picture of Isaac doing his hardcore look and figured you all must be some kind of terrorists scouting the location :).

  2. Awesome, Josiah! I really like the way the seed tops are laced in white, and two stalks are in focus while the others are blurred out in the background.

  3. Very nice non-snapshot (although I think those are great too)! I love the glow that the golden hours gives. Great use of depth of field, and the light at the top of the photo balances your subject. Interesting story, too. 🙂

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