March 25th – Read D’Aubigne

By: JosiahE

Mar 26 2010

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Category: Photo A Day


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:2 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Good Morning,

Here is a shot that I took last night of the latest acquisition for my bookshelf.

This shot is light entirely by this one candle except for a tiny bit of ambient light, hardly enough to see by, let alone for the camera to pick up on. I shot this with a tripod, obviously, and decided to use my wide-angle, after shooting a few with my telephoto, to try to create a sense of an invitation to sit down and read, not sure if it worked but I tried. 🙂



4 comments on “March 25th – Read D’Aubigne”

  1. Yes, it worked. 😀 Great job!

  2. I think it worked because I find myself wondering about the book.

  3. agreed… I want to read that thing

  4. Thanks a lot everyone! I am actually rather pleased with how this turned out though look for more pictures like this in the future because I am now officially in love with candles!

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