March 5th – The Sling

By: JosiahE

Mar 06 2010


Category: Photo A Day

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Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Good Afternoon,

Last night we were over at our friend’s house for a game night, well, at least that was the story. I am beginning to think that the game part was really just bait to get me over to their house so I could shoot a and shoot a product photo for him. 🙂 In any event, my friend, Shad, did all the real work on this shot by setting up a white paper with two desk lamps to provide an impromptu studio, all I really had to do was frame and shoot the actual picture.

All I did in post on this shot was some typical CC, NR, Sharpening, & Contrast enhancement. I also used a masked curves layer to brighten up the shadowed areas on the sling a little.

If you would like to get your hands on this beautiful, handcrafted leather sling, please visit the following link and I am sure my friend, Shad, would be glad to sell you a few.
Genuine Leather Sling

Please note, at the time of this writing the pictures on the product page are of an older sling design which has been reworked into what you see here.

God Bless,


One comment on “March 5th – The Sling”

  1. I’ll vouch for the new and improved design of this model. The cup shaped pouch holds the stone/acorn with ease. There is also a thumb loop which keeps the sling from flying out of your hand. A very good product I definitely recommend it.

    It also looks like Shad made a good impromptu studio. Nice background and lighting.

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