Feb 15th – Happy Birthday To You!

By: JosiahE

Feb 16 2010

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Good Morning,

Yesterday evening our family had a birthday party for my younger brother Isaac, my Mom, and a our friend, Candace Joy. Candace and Mom’s birthday was yesterday with Isaac’s being on Sunday. I actually didn’t get a shot of all three of them together so this one, of Mom & Isaac, will have to suffice, sorry Candace!

I shot this with the 50mm f1.4 using only available light with my camera set to manual exposure mode. Other than shooting in manual and making sure that my shutter speed was fast enough this is a pretty straight forward picture.

In post I had to selectively increase the exposure on the image due to the fact that Isaac is close to a lamp while Mom is in the shadow. To do this I used a curves layer to get the exposure on her face the way I wanted it and then I used a layer mask to knock off about 70% of the opacity on this face. One of the most important steps in my workflow, when shooting this high of ISO, is the use of Imagenomic’s excellent Noiseware plugin to really knock out the digital noise while still maintaining definition and sharpness. Finally, due to a little bit of extra clutter around the edge of the frame, I chose to go with a vignette to help focus the eye on the faces without any distractions.

God Bless,


One comment on “Feb 15th – Happy Birthday To You!”

  1. It was a great party! Happy 18th Isaac! Hope you have a great year as you grow and mature in Christ!
    And to you too Mom! What a great blessing to have a loving and Godly mother!

    Happy Birthday all!!

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