Day 14 – Happy Birthday Lil’ Sis!

By: JosiahE

Jan 16 2010

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Category: Photo A Day

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Full Size Image

Happy 10th Birthday to my youngest sibling, Esther! It has been truly amazing to see how she has grown in so many ways the last year. The most important event of her 9th year was her confession of faith in Christ and partaking in the Christian ordinance of Baptism. Her baptism, along with my youngest brother’s, was a truly delightful event for my parents as saw their heart’s desire fulfilled in the coming to Christ and Baptism of all of their ten children. It has been an honor having you as my sister, Esther, and I pray that God will give you an amazing year of growth in him!

Ok, here is a quick rundown of what I did to get this shot. First of all, I took this picture right at sunset with heavily under exposed so the sky was correct and Esther almost a silhouette. I then used my trusty Speedlight 430 EX II with half of the flash covered by a 1/2 Tungsten Sticky Filter bounced off of the half gold side of my Impact 42″ reflector which gave me the soft, warm fill flash that I needed to keep this from being a silhouette. Wow, after that I am sure you think that I am the type who doesn’t like to do things more than half way! πŸ™‚ I finished off with the usual: slight color correction to give me correct color tones, some sharpening, and small contrast boost with a vignette applied to finish the effect.

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow and God Bless!


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