Day 8 – Sunset

By: JosiahE

Jan 09 2010

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Category: Photo A Day


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Full Size Image

Good Evening,

I trust you all had a very profitable first full week of the new year, I definitely have!.

Today’s image is in many ways similar to last weeks, I took it in the field above our house, the temperature was about the same with a nice wind blowing, it is also of a bare tree on the skyline, and I was lying down when I took it. I guess it is just something about clear, cold Saturdays that makes me want to climb the hill behind our house. 🙂 A new element to this photo has to do with how I took it because for the the first time I used my awesome landscape photography combo: Bogen Manfrotto sticks, the 40D’s live view, and Canon’s Remote Shutter Release. The thing I love about this set of Bogen sticks is the fact I can set it up to provide support almost as low as if I had the camera sitting on the ground.

This picture is mostly out of the camera except I couldn’t help but jack the color and contrast a decent amount since original image, while nice, did not really give a full sense of the beauty of the sunset. Of course after over an hour of lying in the snow for this shot I was hardly inclined to just post it without sweetening it some in Photoshop! Yes, I did spend over an hour getting this picture, yes I froze, and yes, you can call me crazy if you want but I think the reward is pretty sweet. 🙂

Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!



8 comments on “Day 8 – Sunset”

  1. “There’s something majestic about trees without their leaves.” – Quote from Dad just now. I agree and I think you captured that majesty.

  2. Great Shot! Beautiful sunset!
    I can also agree with you about the temperatures on that hill.

    Thanks for the sacrifice. 😉

  3. Nice picture.
    We like the different colors in the sky.

  4. I love the colors on this photo! I agree with Mr. Martin’s observation about trees.

  5. Wow, Josiah, I love this shot!The various shades of color contrasted with the blackness of the trees, and a few birds flying through the evening sky all come together in a picture that expresses the beauty of God’s creation!

  6. Beautiful shot; our Lord is certainly a Master Artist, orignal and creative in all His masterpieces!

  7. Thank you all for your compliments! I completely agree with Gary on this one, indeed it has been hard to restrain myself and not take far more pictures of bare trees in silhouette!

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